Checklist For New Employees/Students

Checklist for a new employee or student

The following checklist provides a summary of the administration that must be fulfilled when a new employee and/or student joins our group. It is meant as a guideline, not only to help the new employee/student, but also the respective tutor.

This list only comprises internal PaInT duties. The faculty/University requirements are not included in this list.

This is a list that has to be updated on a regular basis. When you encounter specific problems while performing the guidelines in this list or something has to be added or removed you should mail your remark to  immediately so he can make those adjustments.


Duties for tutors

Every new employee or student should have a tutor. The professor will appoint an employee as tutor for every new person joining our team. For new MSc students, the tutor is the PhD student who will be guiding the MSc student during his/her master thesis. For new PhD students or employees, the tutor is a PhD student who is working at the lab for at least 1 year. If you're a tutor of a new employee or student, you've got some basic duties to live up to:

  1. Get acquainted with the person you're tutoring, find an office desk for your new PhD student/employee (does not count for Msc students) and fill in the work related phone number (near your most permanent desk) at which your can be reached in Apollo ( > Apollo > Personeel > Mijn gegevens > Werkgegevens > Wijzigen - )
  2. First fill in the intake document and send an email to  with the question to grant the new person access to the paint internal website and to add this person to the relevant mass mailing lists.
  3. Most importantly, inform the new student/employee about paintintern, and tell them to read it through completely.
  4. Add the new student/employee to the WhatsApp group(s). If the new person is a PhD student or an employee, make him/her administrator in the WhatsApp group(s) so he/she can add other people (such as his/her MSc students).
  5. As a tutor, you are obliged to accompany the new person during the first 5 days he/she works in the lab, in order to get the new person acquainted with common lab devices, rules and habits (e.g. pH meter, pipettes, balances, etc.). Make sure you are present and available for any questions the new student/employee might have. Only after these 5 days, the new person is allowed to work independently in the lab.
  6. Learn new PhD's how the ordering system works and how he/she can find a chemical product. MSc. students cannot order materials themselves – this should be done through the PhD/post-doc. 


Duties for new MSc students (Need help? Ask your tutor!)

  1. Read the environmental/health/safety guidelines for working in the lab, sign this form and send it to  before you start working in the laboratories.
  2. Go together with your tutor to meet , our secretary. She will for starters mail you when your entrance badge is ready. MSc students can also get a small personal locker as long as they are vacant (deposit of € 10 for the key).
  3. Register an account to reserve lab equipment for analysis on paintreservation/register. (AT THE MOMENT THERE ARE REGISTRATION PROBLEMS, YOU HAVE TO RESERVE VIA AN EXISTING ACCOUNT FOR THE MOMENT).
  4. When you start working in the lab, your tutor has to accompany you during the first 5 days. You will be provided with the do’s and dont’s, the general lab rules and other practical information.
  5. You can use the personal cupboard of your tutor to store samples in the lab. If you don’t know which one it is, have a look at the list on the internal website.


Duties for new PhD students and employees

  1. Go to , our secretary. You will get a personal post mail box in her office. Check it every now and then for new mail.
  2. Read the environmental/health/safety guidelines for working in the lab,  sign this form and send it to , before you start working in the laboratories
  3. can provide you with a lab cupboard for you to use, as well as the MSc students you might be tutoring later on.
  4. Bring your laptop to Quenten and he will provide registatration on the Ugent network.
  5. If you would need a new laptop decide together with Quenten on the model you'd want from the available ones (UGent has a framework agreement with dell).
  6. You are obliged to join a lab introduction tour given by your tutor at the start of your lab work. You will be provided with the do’s and dont’s, the general lab rules and other practical information. 
  7. (Ask Saskia to prepare namecards for you to use in the lab.) N/A 2021-2022
  8. When you start working in the lab, your tutor has to accompany you during the first 5 days!
  9. Send a cool and lively picture of yourself to , and write a brief text about yourself and your research subject. Ask Quenten to add you to the staff list on our PaInT website. Examples of some texts can be found on our ‘staff’ webpage.