Olga Petintseva


Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (IRCP)
Faculty of Law and Criminology

Website: http://www.ircp.org
Phone: +32 9 264 97 35

Research themes: Discrimination | Participation & integration | Policy & Law | Identity

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Olga Petintseva is a postdoctoral research fellow (FWO). Her expertise is located at the intersection of criminology, migration studies and socio-linguistics. Her PhD focused on ‘new’ migrants in youth justice, approached through a discursive lens. Olga’s research interest is directed at how migration has an impact (or acquires meaning) in ‘domestic’ institutions that are not structurally accustomed to diversity (e.g. criminal justice). Her research zooms in on commonsensical yet discriminatory practices in institutional contexts. Both in her academic and practice-oriented activities, Olga mainly focuses on societal exclusion of Roma and of young refugees. Olga is involved in different scholarly networks on (qualitative) research methods and critical, cultural and narrative criminology. Moreover, she is the director of NGO SEER (Social Enhancement and Empowering of Roma).


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