Stijn Joye

Stijn Joye

Department of Communication Sciences
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Phone: +32 9 264 68 92

Research themes: Identity | Language

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Stijn Joye is associate professor at the Department of Communication Sciences (UGent) and member of the Centre for Cinema and Media Studies, Center for Journalism Studies and the Health, Media & Society research consortium. He was a lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a Visiting Fellow at LSE and at Sichuan University.

His areas of research include international news reporting with a focus on the representation of suffering and crises alongside an interest in issues of domestication, colonial heritage and the practice of artistic imitation in film.

Joye is Associate Editor of International Communication Gazette, book review editor of Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research, former chair of ECREA’s International & Intercultural Communication section, treasurer of NeFCA and vice-chair of NeFCA’s temporary working group on Intercultural Communication & Diversity. In 2020, he joined the FWO Review College 2021-2023.


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