Yves Haeck

Yves Haeck

Department of European, Public and International Law
Faculty of Law and Criminology

Website: http://www.hrc.ugent.be/staff/yves-haeck
Phone: +32 9 264 68 21

Research themes: Policy & Law

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Yves Haeck is a Professor of Human Rights at the Department of European, Public and International Law, and teaches ‘International Human Rights Law’, ‘Human Rights in Developing Countries’, ‘International Moot Court Human Rights’ and ‘Migration Law’. He lectures at the University of Pretoria, is a former lecturer at Utrecht University and visiting professor at the University of Malta. His research interests concern the European Convention on and the European Court of Human Rights, with a comparative focus on the Inter-American and other regional human rights systems. He has co-authored the Manual on the ECHR (Dutch) (Intersentia 2006, 2777p), The Procedure before the European Court of Human Rights (Dutch) (Intersentia 2011, 467p) and ECHR Commentary (Eng) (Intersentia 2016, 800p) and is editor of the Inter-American & European Human Rights Journal and co-hosts Blog on Top International Human Rights Courses, Traineeships & Jobs in Europe (www.internationalhumanrightscourses.blogspot.com).


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