Fien Geenen

Fien Geenen obtained her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and started working in September 2020 as a joint PhD researcher at the University of Ghent in the department of Sociology (hedera) and Social Psychology. She is currently writing her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bart Van de Putte and Prof. Dr. Alain Van Hiel with a focus on Classroom Justice perceptions in ethnic diverse school settings. Using qualitative research methods she tries to implement the theoretical framework of classroom justice in a multicultural context and include the perspective of ethnic cultural minorities across different generations. Aside from conducting this research in the field of education, Fien also gains practical experience in teaching and education while fulfilling her Educational Master's degree at the University of Antwerp. Fien works at the FPPW in the Henri Dunantlaan and can be contacted at

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