Chloé Lybaert

Chloe Lybaert

Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication , Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

Phone: +32 9 331 19 79

Research themes: Discrimination, racism and prejudice

I am an Assistant Professor of Dutch as a Second Language in the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication. My research can be situated in the field of (developmental) sociolinguistics. In my PhD I studied linguistic laypersons' perceptions and attitudes towards language variation in Flanders, with a focus on Colloquial Dutch (‘tussentaal’). For my PhD I only worked with native speakers of Dutch. As a postdoctoral researcher, I started to focus more on Dutch spoken by (adult) L2 speakers. I am interested in their experiences with learning and speaking Dutch in Flanders, and in the influence of Colloquial Dutch on their language learning process. In addition, I remain interested in attitudes and perceptions towards language use and variation, but nowadays I mainly focus on the effect of non-native accents, non-standard linguistic variation and ethnicity on attitudes towards speakers.

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