From research to application

Overview of support on entrepreneurship and valorization at UGent

There are three main organisations active at Ghent University that support students and scientists on valorisation. They consist of:

  1. DO! (abbreviation of Durf Ondernemen/Dare to Undertake) - oriented to both students and researchers
  2. The central Tech Transfer Office
  3. The Industrial Research Fund - both oriented towards support of researchers that want to translate their research results to a specific application.

The provided support consists of:

  1. Courses that students and researchers can follow
  2. Coaching and training to provide them with the basics about creating a business and/or evaluating the market potential of the results generated with their research.

Funnel research

How to start?


DO! is the expertise center for entrepreneurship at Ghent University. This center is a point of contact for all Ghent University students and employees who think about entrepreneuring and forms a relay to further guidance with related services and programs. The goal of DO! is to inform all students and researchers correctly about the advantages and disadvantages of a career as an entrepreneur, to enable them to acquire as many entrepreneurial competencies as possible, and to optimally guide and support official student entrepreneurs in developing their company.

IOF-TT and TechTransfer

The central interface service UGent TechTransfer and the more than 25 decentralized Business Development Centers support researchers in developing groundbreaking science to bring innovations to the market. Together they look for opportunities in your research, look at which valorization strategy is the best option, connect with mentors and advisors, ...


Supportive information on entrepreneuring

Venture track

Business development centers on animal health