Mastitis and milk quality


All members of the M-team are involved in scientific research emphasizing on fundamental as well as practical issues related to udder health and milk quality. Heifer mastitis, the role of the non-aurus staphylococci for bovine udder health, selective dry cow therapy and the use of antimicrobials on dairy herds are some of the topics we are working on.  

Scientific publications

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  • Reshat Jashari, Bach. VM (Use of somatic cell count information) - with S. Piepers (UGent)
  • Igor Van Den Brulle, MVetMed (milk yield losses and recovery after clinical mastitis)
  • Helena Reydams, MVetMed (The role of coagulase-negative staphylococci in bovine mastitis) - with F. Haesebrouck (UGent)