Christmas cookies

Traditional Speculoos Cookies from Bloch are crunchy, lightly-spiced biscuit ànd a Belgian specialty. This recipe for Speculoos will please everyone!

Recipe from Bakery Bloch Ghent


  • Butter 330 gr
  • Brown sugar (dark) 730 gr
  • Water 200 gr
  • Flower 1000 gr
  • Sodium bicarbonate 13 gr
  • Cinnamon 11gr
  • Speculoos spices 3 gr


  • mix butter and sugar well with a food processor
  • add water and mix sieve flour with sodium bicarbonate + add spices
  • knead into a crumbly dough
  • make 2 flat packets and wrap them in foil and leave to rest for 24 hours
  • roll it out to a thickness of 4 mm and cut it
  • baking 175° Celsius, 8 to 12 minutes

And there you have them.... the delicious fresh speculoos from Bloch. Enjoy!!!

Tip: You can store the cookies for weeks in airtight containers. This also means they're perfect for gift-giving as they store and ship well!