Mental wellbeing

The past few weeks it was clear that mental wellbeing is a very important issue during your studies abroad. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Online workshops

  • All workshops take place online, in small groups and are free of charge. The workshops take 2 hours each.
  • Choose a workshop based on the biggest inconvenience you experience.
  • After subscribing you will receive an e-mail with further instructions. Make sure to read them beforehand the workshops.

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Appointment with a student psychologist

Study related

Are you dealing with study related issues such as (pre)exam nerves, stress, fear of failure, procrastination, lack of focus or motivation, ... ? We encourage you to participate in a workshop first. All workshops take place in small groups and are free of charge. A workshop takes 2 hours.


Also for students who find it hard to study due to personal distress, strain, relational problems, self-assertion, home sickness, depression, … help is available.

You can make an appointment via the online agenda