Selected outgoing exchange students

Once you have been selected to study as an exchange student at one of our partner universities you can start preparing your exchange. On this page you can find more information on the next steps. All detailed information can be found in the exchange manual.


After you have been selected the International Office will nominate you as an exchange student at the partner university you were assigned to.

Application at the partner university

After nomination, some partners will send you more information on the application procedure by e-mail. Other partners will wait for you to send the application without any notice.  The procedure is different for each partner. Please check the website of the partner university and read all information about the application procedure. Some universities use an online application system. Others request an application sent by e-mail or by regular post.

The content of the application can be very different. Some partner institutions ask official language certificates, others ask medical certificates or bank statements, etc.

Composing your study programme

 After the selection you will be requested to compose a draft study programme in Oasis. Based on the mobility requirements from your programme and the offer at the partner university you compose a programme. This results in a contract, the Learning Agreement before mobility, signed by three partners (yourself, UGent and the partner university).

Preparing your stay

 Once you receive the acceptance of the partner university you can start preparing your stay: apply for visa (if needed), look for accommodation, book flights, check insurances, et.

Bear in mind that you can only leave in exchange if the following applies:

  • you have been selected and nominated by UGent
  • your application has been accepted by the partner university
  • you meet all conditions after the exam period

During your stay

At the beginning of your stay you compose your final programme. You have the possibility to make some changes to the programme you composed before your departure. Your final programme needs to be accepted again by three parties and results in a Learninig Agreement during mobility

Upon return

The partner university will issue a Transcript of Records with the results of your exams. Your grades will be converted to the local grading system used in Ghent.

Being a student ambassador abroad

As a UGent exchange student abroad it's your right and responsibility to be an UGent ambassador. This means that you will use every opportunity to promote UGent as an university for exchange and to obtain a degree. Our partner universities often organise student fairs where you will have the opportunity to promote UGent. Here you can find some material to help us to promote Ghent University. Let us know if you wish to receive any hard copies.

Education, research and international opportunities

Exchange programme for incoming students

Ghent in 2 minutes

Ghent University


What if I have resit exams before I have to leave?

If the resit exam is important in order to meet the requirements to leave on exchange, you have to make the resit exam in Ghent and wait for the results to be sure you qualify to leave. If the academic year at your host university has already started, you have to check with your host university if they accept a late arrival.

If the resit exam is not important to meet the requirements to leave on exchange, you can decide to make the exam at UGent in the next academic year. Please check with the professor if your attendance to the classes is required or not.

What if I have resit exams at the host university?

If the host university organises resit exams, check if you are able to attend them. Long distance exams are not accepted.


International Office

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