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On the website of the ICT Helpdesk you will find information on a range of ICT topics. Start with the ICT guide for employees.


Ufora is the umbrella name for the electronic learning environment (ELE) at UGent. The digital learning environment supports conventional class education and offers a whole range of possibilities for e-learning: learning activities by means of ICT tools.


Having an account allows you to use a large number of programmes (for educational and research purposes and administrative tasks) offered on Athena. The software you can use is delivered from central servers and is not installed on your device.

Web-based email

UGent staff members and students can access, send, receive and manage e-mail from every computer connected to the internet.

To access your mailbox, use a browser and log in with your UGent credentials on:

More information:

UGent website

The portal site www.UGent.be acts as a virtual central entrance gate to access online information and webpages concerning the university and university applications.

An organisation such as Ghent University aims to project an unambiguous and consistent identity. To safeguard this image the Communication Office has developed a corporate style and several accessory tools.

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Keeping up to date with all that happens in and around the university is made easier through various electronic newsletters. Check out the News and agenda.

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