Become an evaluator of Horizon Europe proposals


The best school in proposal writing

When you are invited to evaluate proposals, officers of the European Commission will brief you on the evaluation process.

You will get confidential access to a number of proposals, giving you a unique insight in the difference between excellent, good or weak proposals. You will then also discuss the evaluations with your expert-colleagues, giving you other views on these proposals. This will bring you a whole new understanding about writing proposals.


You will meet the EC-officer dealing with this call, and also other evaluators, during the consensus meetings. Maybe this could lead to interesting collaborations.


You will receive a lump sum (about €400) per day. You will know in advance how many days you will be paid for the asignment. This could vary from a half day to a whole day per proposal evaluated. It is possible you will have to send an invoice, in other cases the system will generate a expenses report.

Register as an expert in the Participant Portal

  • Choose the right keywords to show your expertise. Also take into account the call topics you would like to evaluate. Search for the right balance between domain- and skill-specific keywords.
  • List your "achievements", with special attention for peer review experiences. Involvement in European or international projects is very relevant.
  • Be aware that the European Commission is searching for new evaluators, and strives for a balance in gender and nationalities.

The evaluation process

  • When you are invited to evaluate for a certain call, you will need to sign a contract with with confidentiality clauses and a "conflict of interest" statement.
  • You will get online access to a number of proposals  (about 10), which you will evaluate remotely. You only get a few weeks time for this. Each proposal needs to be scored on three evaluation criteria and you can fill out comments online.
  • Then you will meet the other evaluators and the EC-officer in Brussels. You will discuss every evaluated proposal. For each proposal, between 20 and 120 minutes of time is foreseen. These discussions can take several days. This has to result in a consensus on the final ranking of the proposals.

Who has evaluated Horizon 2020 proposals?

Check the list of Ghent University staff who has been evaluator for Horizon 2020 calls.