Apr. Julie DE SMET

Julie Desmet

Main research interests : Pharmacokinetics and Bio-analysis

There is a continuing need for pharmacokinetic studies of pharmaceuticals. The effect of a drug depends on e.g. its bioavailability. Most of this kind of data was accumulated in studies which were performed in healthy volunteers. It is also important to evaluate this in pathological circumstances, i.e. in real patients. However, before one can say something about pharmacokinetics, the pharmaceutical compound first has to be analyzed, in these cases in human plasma. LC-fluorescence detection and LC-MS are the techniques that will be used to determine the pharmaceutical compound.
Currently, our main interest goes to the bioanalysis and pharmacokinetics of 2 compounds:

moxifloxacin in patients, particulary those from the intensive care unit
omeprazole in children with cerebral palsy


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