Jielin Wang

Jielin Wang







Master in Optics
PhD Student
School of Physics and Telecommunication Engineering, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R. China
Join-PhD Student
Biophotonics Research Group, Lab General Biochemistry & Physical Pharmacy, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

2019.11-2020.11: Outstanding Young Scientific Research Talents International Project in Guangdong province (South China Normal University)

Summary of Research Project(s)

There is considerable interest in nanoparticle or nanostructure sensitized photoporation as it is an efficient and safe method for the intracellular delivery of a broad range of cargo molecules in high throughput. Especially for the in vitro or ex vivo engineering of cells this is one of the promising upcoming new transfection technologies. With pulsed laser irradiation, the nanoparticles generate photothermal effects that induce transient permeabilization of the cell membrane, allowing exogenous molecules to diffuse into the cell. In my project, which is a joint PhD between SCNU and Ghent University, I will evaluate a new type of semiconductor nanoparticles with superior light absorption and photothermal effects over a broad range of wavelengths. Usage of such materials holds promise to reduce the required light energy for photoporation which is beneficial for cell viability and offers more flexibility in terms of excitation light sources.