Research and contract work on a lab-scale (B-290, Büchi Labortechnik, Flawil, Switzerland) and pilot-scale (Mobile Minor, Niro, Copenhagen, Denmark) spray dryer is performed in the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology. Both spray dryers operate in open cycle and are suitable for spray drying of aqueous solutions or suspensions. The lab-scale spray dryer is equipped with a 2-fluid nozzle, whereas the pilot-scale spray dryer can be equipped with a rotary, a 2-fluid co-current and a 2-fluid fountain nozzle.

Research on the spray dryers is focussed on formulation of particles for dry powder inhalation, co-processing to obtain particles with the desired properties (e.g. improved compressibility, flowability) and creation of micro-particles for oral antigen delivery.

 Figure 1  Lab-scale spray dryer (B-290)                                                                                                                      Figure 2 Pilot-scale spray dryer (Mobile Minor)

pilotscale spraydryer

labscale spraydryer