Hand Research

Within this line of research, the 'Orthopaedics and Traumatology Research Group' strives to understand the underlying mechanisms of hand and wrist pain and to develop optimal treatment methods in order to control them.

Research projects

Research on the osteoarthritis of the wrist and the distal radio-ulnar joint (prevalence and radiological patterns)


Research on the surgical therapy of osteoarthritis of the trapeziometacarpal, radiocarpal and distal radioulnar joints


Evaluation of the surgical treatment for malunion of distal radius fractures


Research into the correlation between synovial pulse cysts and carpal instability


Follow-up of tetraplegic patients who had surgery to improve hand function


Aptis prosthesis: clinical evaluations


Evaluation of the treatment of arm and thumb amputations with osseointegrated prostheses and prostheses that can be controlled electronically (targeted muscle memory)


Research into the rehabilitation of disorders after surgery for lesions of the brachial plexus




  • Patricia Geirnaert, study nurse


tel. +32 9 332 57 18