Lezing 'Meet the PhD Jury: Improving genetic health in dogs and cats'

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08-03-2023 van 13:30 tot 15:30
Auditorium hoogbouw, Salisburylaan 133, 9820 Merelbeke
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Department of Veterinary and Biosciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

In light of improving genetic health, two lectures will be given on genetic diseases in dogs.

Two international speakers, experts in their field, will give a presentation about a genetic disease in the dog.

  • The first lecture will be given by Dr. Catherine André, head of the Catherine André Group at Rennes University, and is titled “Canine epilepsies and neuropathies: relevant models for the genetics and therapies of these human genetic diseases”.
  • The second lecture is by Dr. Paul Mandigers, a veterinary specialist in neurology and internal medicine at Utrecht University, and will be about polymyositis in the Kooiker dog.

After the lectures, there will be an in-depth discussion with the experts and the audience.