Workshop 'Transition UGent with Elisabeth Wathuti'

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Medewerkers , Studenten
21-03-2023 van 12:00 tot 15:00
De Therminal, Hoveniersberg 24, 9000 Gent
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Green Office Gent

Together with Elisabeth Wathuti, students, climate experts and policymakers, we seek ways to accelerate the sustainable transition.

On the programme:

- Summit with Elisabeth Wathuti, UGent students, climate experts and policymakers, among others.

- Theme tables on integrating sustainability in education, the energy transition, sustainable commuting and travel, biodiversity and attractive campuses, and sustainable procurement and materials management. We scrutinise the transition plans and go over what is going well, what needs to be accelerated and scaled up, and what needs urgent work. What role can we take on ourselves as members of a committee or council, as experts, as policy officers or simply as committed UGent staff members? Do we -in the midst of saving mode- see opportunities to roll out a steering policy, shifting money from unsustainable to sustainable options?

- Discussion on what is the role of the scientists in the climate debate. - Discussion on what degrowth and social justice can mean at UGent.

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