Valerie Verdoodt presents results of #DigitalDecade4YOUth at the Safer Internet Forum pre-event

(14-10-2021) On 5 October 2021, Valerie Verdoodt presented the outcomes of the #DigitalDecade4YOUth consultation, followed by a youth-led discussion with the Better Internet for Kids Youth Panel.

Valerie supported European Schoolnet as an external research consultant on this project. She provided expert guidance for the design of the consultation protocol, while also helping to analyse the data and write up the results. In preparation for this targeted consultation exercise, she drafted a best-practice guide on ‘Children’s rights in the digital environment: Moving from theory to practice  on how to engage children and young people in the conceptualisation and operationalisation of their digital rights’. In her postdoctoral research project on ‘Children’s Rights and the Monetisation of Play’, Valerie will continue researching child participation. 

Valerie talked about how the consultation showed that the internet plays a crucial role in almost every aspect of children’s and young people’s lives. They also have quite a balanced view of their online activities – mentioning both positive and negative elements. Children and young people also have clear ideas about the division of responsibilities between policymakers, industry actors and others; about the potential role of technology and media literacy education in safeguarding their rights; and about the tension between their protection and empowerment in the digital world. The consultation clearly underlines again the importance of child participation, and the fact that children and young people have very nuanced and interesting views about their rights in a digital context.

For more results of the consultation exercise, take a look at the report here.