If you pass, you will receive both a digital and a hard copy of your diploma.

Digital copy

We mail your diploma and diploma supplement in pdf format to both your UGent email address and to your private email address.

These documents contain an authenticity code which enables third parties to verify the authenticity.

Attention: your UGent mailbox will be closed shortly after graduation.

  • Check through Oasis that your personal email address and other contact details are correct and adjust them if necessary.
  • The correct spelling of your name is of utmost importance for your diploma. Does the spelling of your name need to be changed: mail us as soon as possible at (preferably before graduating)
  • Make a copy of the digital documents and keep them in a safe place.

This digital copy is available for all diplomas issued in academic year 2015-2016 or later but is not available for previous academic years.

You will only receive a digital copy of your diploma supplement.

Hard copy

Master degree

Your master's degree will be awarded at the Graduation Ceremony. If you are unable to attend your graduation ceremony, you can contact the Registrar's Office afterwards.

Would you like to receive your diploma by mail? This is possible for a fee of 12 euros in case of Belgian address or 15 euros / 20 euros in case of international address (costs for registered mail). Mail for this to diploma@ugent.be. Diplomas are only sent by registered mail.

Please note: Master's degrees from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture are mailed by the Faculty Student Administration and are not awarded at the Graduation Ceremony.

Doctoral degree

The doctoral degree is awarded at the public defence (provided that you have paid the tuition fee).

Other degree

Bachelor's degree, international and interuniversity degree or preparatory course/linking course certificate: is awarded by your Faculty Student Administration.

Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLL):

Certificates of participation in lectures and study days and certificates of participation or certificates of short- and long-term training are issued by the Academies LLL.

Postgraduate certificates: depending on the faculty, your certificate will be sent by post or issued by the Faculty Student Administration.

Certificates micro-credentials will be mailed in PDF format. A printed copy can be requested at diploma@ugent.be

English version

You will get both a Dutch and an English version of your diploma.

You did not pay the tuition fee: no diploma

You will not receive your diploma or certificates until you pay the tuition fee.

Graduation certificate

If you have not yet received your diploma, you can download a graduation certificate on Oasis.

This document contains an authenticity code which enables third parties to verify your certificate.

Duplicate, translation or certified true copy

  • Duplicate
    If you have lost your diploma, a duplicate (or graduation certificate) can be provided.
  • Translation
    An English translation of your diploma (supplement) can be provided (if it was edited in English in the past).
  • Certified true copy
    A certified true copy of your diploma or certificate can be issued.