Practical information


French or English tours are possible depending on the availability of the guide.


The maximum duration of a guided tour is 2 hours.

Size of the group

A group consists of maximum 20 participants. In case there are more group members, a second guide is needed.


Minimum 3 weeks in advance. You can fill out the registration form or email to the .

In case of emergency you can contact us by telephone (+32 495528684). Please confirm telephone reservations by mail or email.


General guided tour: € 60 per group.

School classes: € 40 per group


The amount due is transferred to the account number of the 'Friends of the Botanical Garden' 001-1192154-03 prior to the date of the guided tour, with the statement "name of the group and date of the tour".


Guided tours can be cancelled up until 3 days prior to the tour.

Late arrival

In case the group can't make it in time due to unforeseen circumstances, please inform Gerda Postelmans at +32 495528684.

If possible, the guide will wait for you. In such case it is possible that the tour will be shortened.